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Setting User Capabilities and Restrictions

Tara Clark
posted this on August 13, 2010, 12:34 PM

Administrators can use the Capabilities feature to restrict what SlideRocket features standard users in that account can access. Capabilities can only be set for a group, not for an individual user. Any user that is added to a group will inherit the capabilities that were set for the group. Trial, Pro, and Enterprise users can restrict group capabilities.


This document covers



Setting Group Capabilities

  1. Click account account.png
  2. Click Manage Users and Groups manageusers.png
  3. Click Groups group.png
  4. Select group 
  5. Click Edit Group Capabilities editgroup.png
  6. Set capabilities and restrictions for group by adding or removing checks next to descriptions
  7. Click Ok to save changes


Editing Group Capabilities

Turn these settings on/off to set specific permission guidelines for the group. 


  • Theme and Style
    • Can Create Themes: Create new themes
    • Can Use Default Themes: Use provided SlideRocket themes
    • Can Use Non Theme Colors: Use colors outside of Default Styles 
    • Can Use Default Fonts: Use fonts provided by SlideRocket. Unchecking this box restricts users to custom uploaded fonts
  • Import/Export and Print
    • Can Import Presentations: Import presentation from PowerPoint
    • Can Export Presentations: Download presentation to Desktop Presenter, as a Portable Presentation, or to PowerPoint
    • Can Print Presentations: Print presentation by downloading it as PDF
  • Content
    • Can Buy Marketplace Credits: Purchase credits for use in Marketplace
    • Can Access Template Library: Displays a gallery of sample presentations to copy as a starting point for presentations 
  • Media
    • Can Import Fonts: Upload custom fonts
    • Can Import Media From Desktop: Upload pictures, SWFs, flash, video and audio files into SlideRocket
    • Can Import Media From Web: Add Flickr pictures to Media Library
  • Folders and Tags
    • Can Create Shared Folders: Create new shared folders and ability to modify existing shared folders
    • Can Edit Tags: Add, remove, or edit tags
  • Sharing
    • Can Publish Presentation: Make presentation link public so it is searchable and accessible to anyone
    • Can Collaborate with Everyone Group: Share with Everyone group 
    • Can Collaborate Outside Company: Share with SlideRocket user outside your group
    • Can Enable Comments: Viewer commenting when presentation is played
    • Can Promote Presentations: Feature that allows users to attract more viewers to presentations through social media and organic search. For more information click here



ADVANCED NOTE: Restricting the print capability will not turn off the ability to print the presentation when it is played. To turn off printing when a presentation is played, check the option under Publish.


Viewing a User’s Capabilities

If there is ever concern about an individual user’s capabilities, they can be checked under the user’s section. It is not possible to edit an individual user’s capabilities. To change the capabilities of a user, the capabilities of the group which he or she belongs to must be changed.


  1. Click account account.png
  2. Click Manage Users and Groups manageusers.png
  3. Right-click user’s name and select View User Capabilities… 
  4. Click Close when finished





  • The capabilities of administrators can never be restricted, regardless of the groups to which they belong
  • If a standard user is in multiple groups, the most restrictive capabilities will be applied

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Tara Clark

Hi Ramona, You can do that in a shared folder. For more information about shared folders check out: here

November 3, 2010, 1:04 PM
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Ramona d'Viola

How can I add all assets to one location and assign all permissions at the same time instead of individually...?

November 3, 2010, 12:55 PM
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