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Creating and Using Library Slides

Tara Clark
posted this on October 4, 2010, 4:51 PM

A library slide is an individual slide that can be used in multiple presentations. Slides have to be added to the Slide Library before they can be used in multiple presentations. When a library slide is updated, the updates are applied to every presentation containing that slide. Library slides can be created within the Slide Library or within a presentation.


This document covers


Creating a Library Slide from the Slide Library

  1. Click Slide to open Slide Library
  2. Click New Slide 
  3. Enter Name for slide
  4. Select Theme
  5. Change Slide aspect ratio if desired
  6. Click Ok


Creating a Library Slide within a Presentation 

  1. Select slide within presentation to add to Slide Library 
  2. Click Slide and click Add Slide to Library.... This can also be accessed by clicking Add slide to library... under Slide Properties in menu to right
  3. Enter Name for slide
  4. Add Tags or keywords
  5. Select folder in which toadd slide
  6. Click Ok 

ADVANCED NOTE: A library slide can only be used in each presentation once. If two or more copies are needed, right-click on the library slide and select Duplicate. The duplicate will be its own unique copy. Changes made to it will not affect the original.


The Slide Dashboard

To access the Slide Dashboard, open the Slide Library and double-click the library slide or the Slide Group

The following options are available from Slide Dashboard.

  • Edit: Open the slide in Slide Editor 
  • Used in: Show which presentations and slide groups use slide
  • Collaborate: Set who can access and edit slide
  • Tags: Add tags to make it easy to search for slide
  • History: Review previously saved versions of slide


Adding a Library Slide to a Slide Group

  1. Open slide group in Slide Group Editor
  2. Click Library 
  3. Drag and drop library slides into Slide Sorter
  4. Click Close Library



  • Each library slide can be added to each group only once
  • Library slides will maintain their original permissions when added to a slide group
  • For more information about creating and using slide groups click here
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