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Forms and Polls

Tara Clark
posted this on November 9, 2010, 4:35 PM

Forms and Polls can be used to engage viewers and gather their feedback when the presentation is played. Forms and Polls are added to a slide by clicking the Form/Poll icon Screen_Shot_2013-04-19_at_1.34.50_PM.png in the Element Toolbar, located on the left-hand side of the canvas, within the Presentation Editor. Changes can also be made to Library Slides and Slide Groups using the Slide Editor. Once on the slide, each form/poll is customizable. 
Forms and Polls can be answered by the viewer in the SlideRocket Player. When a viewer answers a Form/Poll the answer is displayed in Analytics. Trial, Pro, and Enterprise users can add forms and polls to a presentation.


This document covers


Adding Forms and Polls to a Presentation

  1. Open presentation in Presentation Editor
  2. Click Form/Poll icon Screen_Shot_2013-04-19_at_1.34.50_PM.png in toolbar
  3. Select Form/Poll from list


Types of Forms and Polls 

  • Screen_Shot_2013-04-19_at_1.35.28_PM.png Text: Viewer can answer with single line of text
  • Screen_Shot_2013-04-19_at_1.35.37_PM.png Long Text: Viewer can answer with paragraph of text 
  • Screen_Shot_2013-04-19_at_1.35.46_PM.png Multiple Choice: Viewer can select one of a series of answers
  • Screen_Shot_2013-04-19_at_1.35.54_PM.png Checkboxes: Viewer can select any number of checkboxes from list
  • Screen_Shot_2013-04-19_at_1.36.04_PM.png Slider: Viewer can move slider to select number 
  • Screen_Shot_2013-04-19_at_1.36.20_PM.png Yes/No: Viewer can select either yes or no answer


ADVANCED NOTE: Once the Form/Poll has been placed on the slide, the type can be changed using the drop-down Question Type menu.




Editing Forms and Polls

The Question, Help Prompt, and Answer fields of a Form/Poll can be customized.

  • Question: There are two ways to edit question field
    • Click placeholder text and double-click to edit
    • Click Element-Specific Properties tab and click Edit question
  • Help Prompt: There are two ways to edit question field
    • Double-click poll text. Depending on Form/Poll selected, text will read Enter your answer below, Check all that apply, Select one answer, or Rate from 1 to 10
    • Click Element-Specific Properties tab and click Edit help prompt

  • Answers: How to set answer option depends on type of Form/Poll
    • Multiple Choice/Checkboxes: Double-click default text Choice X to change answer. Maximum 10 choices
    • Slider: Type numbers into Min and Max boxes or adjust using up and down arrows


Viewing Answers to Forms and Polls

When Forms and Polls are answered there will be a notification showing new views in the Presentation Library


Forms and Polls Information in the Presentation Dashboard

Open presentation in Presentation Dashboard.

  • Summary tab: Show summary of analytics information collected, including total number of Form/Poll responses

  • Analytics tab: Show details of analytics information collected, including total number of Form/Poll responses

  • Forms and Polls tab: Show same overview of analytics information collected, while Detailed viewing sessions table shows number of Form/Poll responses for each viewer



  • Analytics information can also be accessed from within Presentation Editor by selecting View Analytics... from Share menu
  • For more information about Analyzing Viewer Information click here
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