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Offline Playing Overview

Tara Clark
posted this on March 9, 2011, 3:32 PM

Need to share your presentation somewhere that has no Internet access? No problem! SlideRocket offers multiple ways to download a presentation for offline viewing. Select the offline option that best fits your viewing circumstances.

  • Desktop Presenter
    Want to show one or more presentations from your own computer? Download and Install SlideRocket’s Desktop Presenter and you can download and store presentations locally on your computer. When you have access to the Internet, synchronize the Desktop Presenter with your online Presentations Library to get up-to-date versions of your presentations.


  • Portable Presentation
    Want to show a single presentation on your computer or from someone else’s computer? Or give someone a presentation to view later? Download the presentation using the SlideRocket Portable Presentation and then save it to a CD or USB device such as a thumb drive. The Portable Presentation is a standalone application file that plays the presentation without the need for any external software. There are separate SlideRocket Portable Presentations for Windows and Mac.


  • PDF Download and Printing
    Want to create a hard copy of your presentation that you can leave behind with viewers? Download it as a PDF presentation and print. It is important to decide early on whether a presentation is to be printed or played online as this will affect the type and quality of the features that you include.


  • SlideRocket iPad App
    Want to show a presentation on your iPad but won’t have an Internet connection? With SlideRocket’s iPad App you can log into your SlideRocket account and cache presentations for later viewing. You can also view analytics information, send invites, and upload PowerPoint presentations from within the SlideRocket App.


  • PowerPoint Download
    The PowerPoint download is recommended only if you wish to edit and finish the presentation in PowerPoint. For regular offline playing, Desktop Presenter and SlideRocket Portable Presentation are recommended.

ADVANCED NOTE: While most SlideRocket features are supported in the offline players, some are not due to flash limitations. For more information on non-supported features click here
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